Friday, October 26, 2007

My Final days of semester.....

Its been a while remembering the final days of this semester. My classmates and I are very busy to accomplished all the school task that our professors given. I admit as a freshmen the following task are not easy handle. We risk the time to relax, We spent our much of time, and now The Final days are gone and overcome.....

Some of us win and others are failed, some say says "I give up" and some Says "I can do!" but I believe in every battle everybody is a winner. Not in the sense of price or token but in the sense of honor and experiences that they do. Others are lucky 'coz they have the price.But as you keep on believing, You will have the major price.

And now the semester is finally over. Im happy because I played the game with you. PLMar BSBA-13MA THANK YOU..... For sharing the fruitful memories with you. We're stay in one classroom, that makes binds us one. Please let me thank you. We ended this stage meaningful. And now we are ready to face the another stage of this game. We might leave this company and make a better brand new. But as you Aiming im also with you. Im very hoping that we all could finished this game. Im Looking forward to see you in the end. As Independent person and young professionals. I hope we will makes the Marikina's proud to be his son, and make the future step in development. BSBA thank you... Good bye is not the word to end this post, because we will be going for soon . See you later! is the word and im happy to make it soon.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

WikiPinas the next step in Philippines cybergeneration....

It is nice to know that inspite of education quality, Pinoy is still competitive. I although Pinoy failed in some International survey, we still making progress that can make our country to be proud. Wiki pinas is one of the fruit of creativeness of pinoy. We again prove to world that can make it. It is now easy to market our tourist landmarks and historical places. It also can use as medium of information, to be the reference of every Pilipino student. Rather go to the libary wikipinas helps you to provide all your necessary information with just one click. thanks for the creative idea of Pinoy. In cybersphere we can make a way.....

What do I learn in Computer subject?

What do I learned? Well it is difficult to summarized one by one the topics,but then I conclude that my learnings in computer is not as half much I must to know. Computer is too essential to everybody, because we are now in the digitized world. Facing the reality bites, human are now more dedicated in high-tech gadgets cellphones, camera and robotics. human's mind is now more imaginative and widely creative, so it is too important to a person to know the value and application of computers. Yes! it is just a man made device, But not everyman can make this as a usual. Not you even not I. It is given by science to the man to make his daily living easy and simple. Even a three year old child now know what are the basic application of computer. Thanks for computer subject. Now I am much familiarized on the world I am moving to. I not being naive in any simple things in my surrounding.Thank you Maam Pinon you make my computer world much wide and broad. hehehe.

Friday, October 12, 2007

First Day High

Nasasabik sa unang araw ng eskwele.... taas kamay with confidence LETS DO THE FIRST DAY HIGH!!!!
Hehehe.... do you sing it? well of course... how's your first day in school? Mine? well totally amazing. I dont expect that after my two year contract in a fast food restaurant. I will came this far to pursue my studies. I was undergraduated of Electronic and Computer Technology In Asian Colleges of Science and Technology. As the reason of everybody, my parents earnings cannot support my needs in college, so I decided to quit. We was ran out of money by then so I applied in many fastfood restaurant that I could. Thanks god I was hired. I save my money wisely so with the help of my uncle, I was admmited here in PLMar.
In my first day I was so excited as my first time. I was happy because after three years of hardwork and trials I am here to realized my dream. Pamantasan is devoted to train all students not to be a good employee someday but, to be the leading young professionals in the business world. With the help of my best professors want to be one of the competitive someday.... hehehe THANKS FOR READING

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

If I can't endure... by. Nightvision-eye

If I cant endure for this minute.

Please stay and calm,

be present in my suffer, and

let me tell you my desire.

If I can't endure, But keep on trying,

what in this game need to be done.

I'm ready to take the pain as pleasure,

for us future under the sun.

If I can't endure but keep on believing

what I know in my heart to be true. That

my darkness will faded in the morning

and this will passed away too.

And nothing in my life can defeated me.

As long as this knowledge remains.

Dreaming with you to face the morning.

In a home we happily stay.

God binds us together.

He will surely make the way.

We stepping a brighter future, we leaving

sunset full of pain.

If I can't endure this moment

And have to say goodbye.

Im sorry for my failure, and

I know you will understand.

But if tomorrow I can't endure.

Im happy you to remind.

God know how much I need you

Darling hey please read my mind.

And nothing else to matter

At least all options are tried.

I may loose this game to be over,

holding your hands now I could fly.

Now I can't endure.

Catching my final breath.

embrace me co'z I feel cold,

now is time for good.

Im happy though I can't endure, co'z

I faced the trial with you.

You take my burden as your own,

saving her little prayers just for you.

Thanks god Before I can't endure

I wipe her tears away.

though Im a man full of sorrow,

she is there to ease the pain.

Though I can't endure

Im still person full of life.

Not in the presence of my beloved,

But in the memory of my past.

Sorry Darling, I can't endure.

This is now the end.

I hope I could stay forever,

But I'm heading in a land far away......

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Can you travel just the presence of your mind and soul?

What is an astral projection? Superficially, the idea of having a double may seem to explain the OBE. However, as soon as this idea is pursued, problems become obvious and the system has to get more complicated to deal with those problems. One of the most complex, and certainly the most influential, of such systems is the theory of astral projection, based on the teachings of theosophy.
In 1875 Madame Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Society in New York, to study Eastern religions and science. From her teachings, brought back from her travels in India and elsewhere, a complex scheme evolved. According to the Theosophists, man is not just the product of his physical body, but is instead thought to be a complex creature consisting of many bodies, each finer and more subtle than the one 'below' it. These bodies should be thought of as an outer garment which can be thrown off to reveal the true man within.

Nung bata pa ako nakagawian ko nang matulog pagkatapos kong pumasok sa eskwelahan.ang aking kwarto ay nasa ikalawang palapag ng aming bahay sa bahay. Isang araw May darating na bisita ang aking magulang. Naging abala ang lahat. dahil sa nakasanayan natulog na lang ako sa aking kwarto, hindi naman ako kailangan sa pag aasikaso kasi bata pa ako. Ilang oras pa, nakita ko na lang ang aking sarili sa sala ng aming bahay. nakita ko ang aking mga magulang na masayang nakikipag kwentuhan sa kanilang bisita. Nandun din ang aking lola at iba pang kamag anak. ngunit tila ba hindi nila ako nakikita. parang hindi nila napapansin ang mga kilos ko. Pumunta ako sa terrace andun ang mga pinsan ko masayang naglalaro ng chess. And I was shock. Nagising na lang ako bigla at pinag papawisan. Para akong galing sa mahabang byahe at pagod na pagod. lumabas ako ng kwarto para malaman kung ano ang mga nangyayari. Parang sa aking panaginip ang bawat detalye ay parehas na parehas. kung ano ang pinuusapan ng pamilya. kung ano ang ginagawa ng bawat isa. lahat parehas! Naging matanong na ako mula ng pangyayari. at nalaman ko na astral travelling pala ang aking na experience. Well hinihintay ko na mangyari ulit yon. sana maulit para mas marami akong mapuntahan.....